Barbecue Jackpots

-Wendy Sampson

3/4 lb hamburger
2 TBSP chopped onion (or just onion powder or salt)
1/2 C (or so) barbecue sauce
2 TBSP brown sugar
10 oz can biscuits
grated cheddar cheese

-Cook the hamburger and onions.
-Add barbecue sauce and brown sugar.
-Spray or grease muffin pan.
-Separate biscuits and flatten into the bottom of each muffin cup.
-Fill with meat mixture and top with cheese.
-Bake at 400* for 15 mins.

~This is an incredibly quick and easy dinner that we loved as children. I've made this for me and my husband several times because it's so quick and so good. Oh and we would always eat ours with ketchup (but we eat ketchup on just about everything thanks to Grandpa Cole...). :)

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Trina said...

This is absolutely one of my favorite recipes. I like to use it on homemade biscuits as well.